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Jannique says... Children who aren't challenged become bored. But children who are pushed along too quickly or who are asked to do things that don't interest them, can become frustrated and unhappy. [More Tips Here]


Beautiful Butterfly
Preschoolers will build small motor skiils as they make a butterfly using contact paper and tissue paper. By Erica. read more...

Bubble Painting video
Creating fun works of art using paint and soap. This is a Cullen's abc's video lesson plan. read more...

Cowboy Boot Painting video
Little ones can paint a cowboy boot with rope. Great small motor skills and muscle control use in this wild, wild west art activity. This is a Cullen's abc's video lesson plan. read more...

Craft Sticks, Buttons and Beads
Little ones will participate in artmaking and decision making during this fun and easy art activity. By: KinderArt. read more...

Dipping and Dying video
For preschoolers, this is an exciting art activity that involves dipping and dying material. Once your child is done dipping and dying the material they get to open it up to see the vibrant colors! This is a Cullen's abc's video lesson plan. read more...

Easy to Make Puzzles
You can make simple puzzles for preschoolers with these easy to follow directions. By: Anna Johnson. read more...

Cylinder Banks
Young children can make a bank to keep all their pennies safe, using old cylinder containers. By: Barbra Jaffe. read more...

Fruit Loops Fun
Little ones will use Fruit Loops® cereal and glue to make pictures on paper. By: Amy. read more...

Fun with Wallpaper
Here are some ideas to stretch your art supply budget while helping little ones build motor skills as they experiement with the art and texture of old wallpaper sample books. By: Beri Bek. read more...

Geometric Shape Animals
Shapes, science and animal recognition are the skills to build here. Little ones will create animals using geometric cut out shapes. By: KinderArt. read more...

Hand Movement & Coordination with Crayons
Holding crayons can help little ones build their motor skills. Find some interesting ideas here. By : KinderArt. read more...

Homemade Clay
This activity includes a recipe for making your own homemade clay. By: KinderArt. read more...

Muffin Liner Flowers new
Little ones can create sculptural flowers using items from around the house. By: KinderArt. read more...

Painting with Watercolors or Tempera new
If you have watercolor or tempera paints, brushes and a glass of water, you have everything you need to give a child a creative break. By: KinderArt. read more...

Paper and Clothespin Dragonflies
Students will manipulate paper to create a dragonfly. By: Coree Snyder. read more...

Paper Bag Butterfly Puppets
Students will create butterflies as they learn about three dimensional sculpture and use puppets to tell a story. By: Linda Moucha. read more...

Paper Quilt
Little ones will work together to make a large paper quilt. By: Patty E. Tousius. read more...

Potato People
Little ones will build fine motor skills as they decorate potatoes. By: KinderArt. read more...

Pringle® Can Activity
Little ones will build fine motor skills, experience sound and have fun. as they make art using marbles, paint and an old chip can. By: Peg Wartell. read more...

Sugar Jars Craft
Young children will build their hand-eye coordination as they make lovely jars filled with colored sugar. By: Tracey Meade. read more...

Tissue Paper Candy Corn video
For preschoolers a great art and science activity! Lots of small motor skills are involved with brushing and placing tissue paper. The reaction from the tissue paper and vinegar is the exciting science element of the activity. This is a Cullen's abc's video lesson plan. read more...

Waterpaint Mural
Little ones can use spray bottles, tennis balls and other non-traditional painting tools to create a large scale outdoor mural. read more...


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