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Color Themes and Lessons for Preschool and Daycare: Early Childhood Education


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Jannique says... Children who aren't challenged become bored. But children who are pushed along too quickly or who are asked to do things that don't interest them, can become frustrated and unhappy. [More Tips Here]


Baggie Paints
Little ones will observe color and texture changes as they mix colors in zip bags using shaving cream and paint. By: Rebekah Eubanks. read more...

Balls or Balloon Painting
This is a fun activity for the warm summer months. Preschoolers can make large scale art using balls (or balloons) and paint. By: KinderArt. read more...

Blotter Bugs
Preschool students will learn that by mixing two primary colors they make the secondary colors. By: Maryanne Messier. read more...

Color Collage
Little onces will create a color collage using pieces of torn, colorful paper and glue. By: KinderArt. read more...

Finger Paint Trees
Little ones will build motor skills while they learn about the changing seasons. By: Pat Davis. read more...

Coffee Filter Flowers
Preschoolers will make flowers using coffee filters, washable markers and water. By: Janet. read more...

Karo® Painting
Little ones can paint using paints and corn syrup. By: Pamela Newhart and Christi Clock. read more...

Ice Cube Painting
Little ones will experiment with colors as ice cubes are created from colored water. By: Amanda, Lori Barry and Lisa. read more...

Mixing Colors with Eyedroppers
Preschoolers will learn about color mixing by combining water and food coloring. By: Lenora Falciani. read more...

Painting on a Bar of Soap
Teaching the concept of color mixing to your young kinderartists while introducing new sensory experiences. By: Lenora Falciani. read more...

Rainbow Stew
Little ones will mix colors in plastic baggies while singing a color mixing song. By: Gina Evans. read more...

Rainbow Water
Young children will use magic markers and paper to change the color of water. By: Dawn. read more...

Recycling Crayons
Don't throw those old crayons away, recycle them! Find out how, here. By: Beri Bek. read more...

Two Layer Painting
Little ones will learn about warm and cool colors during this painting exercise. By: Elizabeth Kinney. read more...

Tie Dye Decorations
Preshoolers can make "tie dye" decorations using markers and coffee filters. By: Ashley. read more...


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